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Year-End Insurance Benefits

Use your dental insurance benefits by December 31, 2019.

The majority of dental insurance plans are on a calendar year, so you have until December 31st to max out your dental insurance benefits. Anything you’ve left on the table will disappear on January 1 and your annual deductible will reset and you start all over. Yes, you have a lot to do before now and the end of the year, but throwing money away is NOT on anyone’s to-do list. So here’s your strategy along with some good reasons to jump on it ASAP.

Call your dental insurance provider (or ask Jan in our office) and find out the exact amount of your unspent dental benefits. That is also the exact amount you stand to lose if you don’t take the next step. While you’re on the phone, find out what procedures will qualify. Most preventative procedures such as cleanings, x-rays and routine exams are covered. So are fillings, crowns, bridgework and other dental procedures up to the amount allowed by your plan. Some providers cover Invisalign, too!

Call our Front Office at Cope Dentistry and make an appointment.

The sooner you do this (like right after you finish reading this!), the more likely we will be able to schedule you or any eligible family member covered by your dental plan before New Year’s Eve. Even if you can’t complete a procedure this year, you can get the ball rolling, using up leftover benefits. Next year, when your dental plan maximum benefits and deductible reset, you can finish the work. Call soon! You are probably not the only person who just realized you still have unspent dental benefits!

We participate with a number of dental insurance providers.  Please verify that we accept your dental insurance plan when you make your appointment.